variador de frecuencia 2CV nuevo en caja

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variador de frecuencia 2CV nuevo en caja

Notapor eljavichu » Lun Dic 15, 2008 8:51 am


Material nuevo en caja original. Excedente de instalación, perfectamente almacenado en armario, sin frío, calor, humedades, etc.. En perfecto estado.


* Control Char.:
o Carrier frequency: 1-12KHz
o Frequency control range: 0.1~400Hz
o Frequency accuracy: Digital: 0.01% (-10~40 Celsius); Analog: 0.4%(-25~10 Celsius)
o Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz with computer or PLC control, 0.1Hz with keypad control when freq. Above 100Hz
o Frequency setting signal: 0-5V / 0-10V / 4-20mA
o ACCEL / DECEL time: 0.1-3600 Sec. with 2 S curves
o Braking Torque: about 20% (built-in braking transistor)
o V/F pattern: 18 Patterns, one curve programmable
* Protection function:
o Instantaneous overcurrent: Approx. 200% rated current
o Overload: Inverter: 150%/1 minute
o Motor overload: Electronic thermal over load relay
o Overvoltage: 200V series: DC bus exceeds 427V, 400V series: DC bus exceeds 854V
o Undervoltage: 200V series: DC bus drop<200V, 400V series: DC bus voltage drop<400V
o Momentary power loss: 0~2 seconds: T-verter can be restarted by speed search
o Heat sink fin overheat: Protected by thermister
* Operation:
o Input signal: Operation signal - Forward / reverse operation, individual command; Reset - Released protection while the protect function is operating; Multifunction - see detail in operation manual
o Output signal: Multifunction - see detail in operation manual; Fault output - 250VAC 1A, 30VDC 1A or less
o Built-in function: Frequency reference bias/gain; up/lower limit; manual torque boost; frequency meter calibraging gain; auto restart attempt; skip frequency; S-curve
o Digital operator monitor: Frequency command, output frequency, speed, output current, output voltage, P-N bus voltage, rotation direction
o Analog output monitor: Analog output (0-10V), possible to select output frequency & setting freq. & output voltage & P-N bus voltage
* Environment condition:
o Location: indoor (protected from corrosive gas and dust)
o Ambient temperature: -10 Celsius ~ 40 Celsius
o Humidity: 0-95% (non condensing)
o Vibration: 0.5G
* Enclosure: IP20
* UL: UL508
* EMC: EMC 89/336/EEC (with optional filter)


* Cost Efficiency
* Low noise
* Keypad mounted potentiometer
* Maximum output frequency up to 400Hz
* Easy programming and operation
* High starting torque & low vibration PWM control, programmable V/F curve
* Full range of diagnostic functions
* Multifunction input
* Multifunction output
* Well-considered safety functions
* Carrier frequency 1~12KHz adjustable
* Various analog signal input and output with bias and gain, reverse input signal possible
* Programmable restart function
* RS232/RS485 communication
* Resonant frequency jump control

Model number HP Rated motor (KW) Rated current (A) Rated output (KVA) Input voltage Output voltage Momentary power loss
ride through time (Sec.)

N2-202-M 2HP 1.5 7.5 2.9 1/3 phase (s) 200~230V +/- 10%,50/60Hz +/- 5% 3 phase 0~200~230V 1
(proportional to input voltage)

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