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FP2 Modulos



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FP2 / FP2SH. Expansion Modules and Special Intelligent Modules.

Power supply modules
P/N Voltage Rating (at 5V side)
FP2-PSA1 100 – 120VAC 2.5A
FP2-PSA2 200 – 240VAC 2.5A
FP2-PSA3 100 – 240VAC 5A


Input modules
I/O Number
12 – 24VDC


Output modules
I/O Number Voltage Connection Rating
6 relay 250VAC terminal 5A
16 relay 250VAC terminal 2A
16 transistor 12 – 24VAC terminal 0.5A
32 transistor 5 – 24VAC connector 0.1A
64 transistor 5 – 24VAC connector 0.1A


I/O mixed modules
I/O Number Voltage Connection Rating
32 In / 32 Out      
transistor 12 – 24VAC connector 0.1A

Additional an input/output mixed unit with ON pulse catch function is available. This useful function makes possible to read ON pulses with extremly small widths.


Analogue input module


Resolution up to 16bit
Conversion time 0.5ms

Analogue output module

Outputs 4
Resolution 12bit
Conversion time 0.5ms

The range settings, such as voltage and current, can be specified either for all of the channels at once using dip switches or individually using shared memory settings.

The analogue input unit can be directly coupled to a thermocouple and a resistance thermometer element (R.T.D.).


Positioning modules

For system-integrated 2 and 4-axis path control. Maximum 1 Mpps command gives high-speed and high-precision positioning.

0.1ms high-speed drive reduces tact time.
S (sign-shaped) acceleration / decceleration function gives smooth starting and stopping.


High-speed counter module
Counter 4 channel, max. 200KHz
Counting range 32bit
Interrupt input 8 points
Pulse I/O module
Counter 4 channel, max. 200KHz
Interrupt input 8 points
PWM output 4 points, 1HZ to 30KHz
Pulse output 4 points, 100KHz


Serial communication modules
Computer Communication Module 
Through two RS232C ports the unit can be directly connected with a PC to collect and write data from it.
Economical peer-to-peer communication with a PC is possible.
Connectable with operation display panels (HMI).
Serial Data Module
Reading data can be performed simply using applied command F 150 and writing using command F 151. Up to 500 characters can be received at one time.
It is possible to use the module in three ways: input only, output only, input and output.


Multi wire-link module

PC Link Function enables data to be shared between PLCs, using cyclically transmitted link relays (L) and link registers (LD).

Data Transfer Function. PLCs in the same system send and pertaining to contacts and registers, using programmes.

Remote Programming Function. If the PLCs are in the same system which is connected to the Link unit, the programming PLC can be used to programme other PLCs, and for monitoring the various contacts and registers.
S-Link module
The S-Link unit is used by assigning inputs (X) and outputs (Y). The inputs/outputs on the FP2 side that result from these assignments are treated as corresponding to the I/O-adresses (S-Link I/O-devices in the S-Link).
It controls up to 2,048 remote I/Os per FP2 system.


Ethernet-LAN module

The FP2 ET-LAN module enables data exchange between different types of PLC with a vendor independent protocol and a short processing time.

TCP/IP establishes logical point-to-point communication between two devices and provides the basis for exchanging information among all areas of production.

You can connect 8 Ethernet segments with each other at a transmission speed of up to 100Mbits/sec.

Three communication interface types are supported:
10 BASE 5, 10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX


PROFIBUS FMS and DP modules

FMS/DP master module

PROFIBUS FMS and DP communications can be used simultaneously.
Powerful and flexible data exchange in extensive, higher-level multi-master networks with up to 12Mbaud.
DP master module
For easy and cost-effective networking between FP2 and distributed devices from simple I/Os (e.g. sensors, panels) to FP0 and FP1 programmable controllers.





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