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Engineering Tools

To enable users to achieve the best possible performance from its comprehensive

range of controllers ABB has developed powerful yet easy to use engineering

tools. These tools take full advantage of ABB’s scalable and open approach to

control systems and thus lead to extremely efficient engineering.

Examples of the feature are:

• Distributed applications for maximum utilisation capacity

• Use of MS Office tools (e.g. Cut & Paste), to make up, modify and transfer lists and to create type-solutions

• Reuse of existing programs

• Off-line simulation to configure the controller system, debug software and design improvements

• On-line inspection to check actual parameters. A great aid during commissioning and autotuning

• Fuzzy Logic for real optimisation All of ABB’s programming tools operate in a Windows® 2000 environment and all can be programmed in Instruction List (IL), Structured Text (ST), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Ladder Diagram (LD) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

The tools can be purchased at different levels so that users do not pay for highly advanced functions unless the wish to use them.

They are also scalable in terms of the number of controllers, users and tasks. All versions are upwards compatible to facilitate later extension and migration.

ABB’s tools include features which reduce the time and costs for engineering. More importantly they improve the performance of the whole installation.

There is wide commonality amongst all ABB’s engineering tools but some specialisation is necessary to achieve optimum functionality and facility.

Three sets of engineering tools are offered:

Control Builder M

Used with controllers Advant Controller 250, AC 800C and AC 800M and the Advant Soft Controller. It is highly scalable being used for simple

PLC applications and advanced object oriented DCS applications.

To cover this wide range three versions of Control Builder M are available – Control Builder M Basic, Control Builder M Standard and

Control Builder M Professional.

The architecture of this tool allows the program-mer to create an application oriented around the process and subsequently to distribute the tasks to the various controllers in the system. Control Builder M automatically sets up communication between the controllers.

A special feature of Control Builder M is a lan-guage called ‘Control Modules’ which greatly facili-tates and speeds up object oriented programming of complex installations using an intuitive graphic tool.

Control Builder F

This is used to program applications using AC 800F controllers. It is available in two versions:

Control Builder F Standard is used for hybrid applications (controller performing closed loop control) with light Human-System interface require-ments that do not involve FDT/DTM technology or User defined Function Blocks.

Control Builder F Professional provides full functionality including Process Portal (HSI) inte-gration. It has extended fieldbus capabilities such as commissioning aids to scan the bus for new devices, to add new devices without having to initialise the bus and remote addressing of devices. It has FDT/DTM technology.

AC1131 Program

The programming software 907AC1131 is for the full range of AC31 controllers. The same software package can be used from the smallest compact configuration up to decentralised applications.

The complete assortment of tools including integrated Profibus/DeviceNet configurators, OPC interface, basic unit setting allows you to reduce engineering and commissioning time.






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