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 Durante todo el año recibimos muchos mail, pidiéndonos información para realizar trabajos sobre autómatas. Así que ahora es el momento para recordaros que necesitamos de vuestra colaboración enviándonos los que ya habéis presentado.




A scalable and open approach

to control systems

Easy to integrate

Powerful engineering tools

Tailored to users’ needs


The range of I/O systems is similarly comprehensive, from compact I/O modules to units with the very latest technical features.

In addition to the features essential for each application, ABB’s equipment and systems all have the following advantages:

Easy to integrate

ABB’s industry-leading commitment to open stan-dards means that all programs use standards based software and communication interfaces. This greatly simplifies integration with existing automation and information systems.

ABB’s controllers are open to all OPC compliant supervisory software packages thus it is easy to inte-grate third party applications including standard office programs such as Word and Excel.

This approach also facilitates Plug & Produce – just plug in and it works without further intervention.

All programs are open for easy migration as users and technologies develop.

Powerful engineering tools

The engineering tools operate in a Windows® 2000 environment and

function in all IEC 61131-3 languages.

These tools are powerful and yet they are easy to learn and to use.

Their scope, flexibility and unique features reduce engineering

time and costs significantly.

Tailored to users’ needs

The controllers, I/O systems, functionality and engineering tools are all modular and are selected to meet each user’s current needs but can be extended incrementally so as to grow with the business.

Users are offered a wide choice of sizes (number of I/O signals), performance (CPUs) and func-tionality (software packages ranging from binary control to very advanced closed loop control).







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