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IDEC's FA3S programmable logic controller combines the right program instructions and hardware options for any application up to 256 I/O. With the FA3S, instructions such as proportional scaling, step/subroutine, and annunciation commands are at your finger tips. Using these or any of the 120+ instructions available with the FA3S will save valuable development time. Plus, diverse ranges of special modules are available for data communication, fiber optic remote I/O, and interrupt processing.

The FA3S features a flexible, space-saving design. The unique I/O mounting system allows you to build an I/O chassis that is exactly the right width, no matter how small or large your system is. You'll never end up with an oversized, half-filled I/O chassis crowding your control panel. You can also mount local I/O up to 30 feet from the CPU with simple plug-in cables.

The FA3S controller is easy to maintain. Modules are held in place by captive screws. Terminal blocks can be detached from the I/O module, and relays can be easily replaced on output modules. Space-saving, high density, 32-point modules are also available. The FA3S series is UL, CSA, and CE approved.

Customize your application with high performance features:
Four CPUs available
0.3-0.6 ms per basic instruction
1 to 8K program memory
Supports up to 256 I/O
Built in ASCII communications
Interrupt and high speed I/O
Fiber optic remote I/O
Expansion RS232 communication ports
Data link network with FA-NET RS485
Data acquisition
Highlights of the FA3S instruction set include:
Commands to initiate ASCII communications to modems, displays, and other ASCII devices
Proportional scaling
Step/subroutine instructions
Timed or input driven interrupts
ISA conforming annunciator commands
Direct printing from TTL output module
Drum sequence emulator
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