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IDEC's Micro-1 programmable controller is the ideal solution for small control applications. As a cost effective alternative to traditional relay-based control systems, the Micro-1 incorporates powerful control capabilities into a tiny 5.5" x 3.2" x 2.75 " package that's easy to use and highly flexible. The Micro-1 offers a smooth, minimal risk path for the transition from cumbersome, hard-wired systems to the simplicity, reliability, and economy of intelligent control.

IDEC's Micro-1 was the first micro PLC to become widely used in hundreds of thousands of applications. Combined with IDEC's consistent quality, the Micro-1's successful nine-year track record makes it one of the most reliable PLCs available today.

The Micro-1 incorporates eight inputs and six outputs (discrete), providing functions equivalent to those of 80 timers, 47 counters, 160 relays, and 128 shift register bits. The system's program capacity of 600 steps ensures extended flexibility in solving logic, sequencing, and processing applications. If you need more I/O than the base unit provides, a full size expansion unit with eight inputs and six outputs can be added, or, the smaller micro expansion module can be used to add three or four I/O.

Putting the Micro-1 to work is a snap. The Micro-1 can be easily programmed using the compact program loader. Or, you can program the Micro-1 from your PC using a serial link and WindLDR™, in IDEC's ladder logic programming software. WindLDR enables Micro-1 users to program, monitor, debug, and document Micro-1 projects. IDEC also offers a DOS based programming software, CLIP, as an option. All units are UL, CSA, and CE approved for the international market.

IDEC introduces the Micro-1 starter kit -  $249.00
Part number:   ID mm-Micro1         
Micro-1 PLC (FC1A-C1A1E)
Cable ($85 value)
WindLDR™ Windows based software ($249 value)
Training manual ($35 value)
Technical support (800 number)




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