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Newly designed Sucosoft S40 software

Version 4.0 of Moeller's Sucosoft S40 features a re-designed version of the IEC1131-3 programming system, and complies with the PLCopen Base Level and Portability Level.
The user interface has been ergonomically re-designed to support the user in the management and editing of automation projects. An extensive software library with many function blocks reduces the time required for programming. A new feature of version 4.0 is the possibility of creating user-defined libraries and incorporating others.
Moeller also offers a wide range of libraries for closed-loop control and HVAC applications. The use of these tested function blocks further reduces the time required for creating complex applications. The network programming facility enables all controllers of a decentralised system to be programmed and diagnosed from a central point.
Sucosoft S40 is the central programming tool for PS4-141/151/201/271/341 and PS416 controllers. It can be run on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0, and comes as standard in five languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian).

The new features include the following:


Certified software to IEC 1131-3 (Base Level and Portability Level)
One product for all Moeller PLCs (except for PS4-100)
Navigator for faster access to all important tools
Graphical Topology Editor
PROFIBUS-DP communication
New POU Editor with improved ergonomic design
Menu languages in five languages (German, English, French, Spanish and Italian) and Help texts in three languages (German, English and French)
Three programming languages (IS, LD, FBD)
Documentation in printed form and as PDF files
Enhanced Test and Commissioning functions
Remote diagnostics and programming via telephone line
Communication driver as 32-Bit DLL
Additional function: Library Manager
Additional function: Fuzzy control with a standard PLC
Additional function: Libraries for closed-loop control and HVAC applications



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