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 Durante todo el año recibimos muchos mail, pidiéndonos información para realizar trabajos sobre autómatas. Así que ahora es el momento para recordaros que necesitamos de vuestra colaboración enviándonos los que ya habéis presentado.




Ultra-High Performance

High speed scan time of 1ms for a 10k step programme
With dual CPU architecture, the FP10SH performs programme execution and communications simultaneously. With high-level task processing, the FP10SH can perform programme execution and communication processing concurrently.

Frequently used instructions have been simplified with fixed length format. Combining this with the use of a new 5-stage RISC* processor the FP10SH can execute a sequence instruction at high speed- 0.04µs !
*(Reduced Instruction Set Computer)


The “Pipeline processing” architecture used in the FP10SH allows multiple instructions to be processed simultaneously. Each instruction is composed of 5 parts (stages), each 32bit long. For each instruction of the 32bit CPU processes 1 stage at a time. In a conventional CPU all 5 stages have to be processed before the next instruction can be started.


120k step High memory capacity
Programme capacity:
30k step programme capacity is standard. Programme memory can easily be expanded by adding an optional 30k steps or 90k step plug-in expansion module to max. 120k step.

Data memory: The expanded Data Register and Internal Relay memory can handle the most challenging memory intensive applications.


High functionality
Real number data processing: Besides integer numbers, floating point math is standard. In addition to simple math instructions, trigonometric exponent, logarithm and square root processing functions are also available. These real number data processing functions enable the FP10SH to handle highly precise applications.


High expandability

RS232C ports: With two RS232C interfaces built into the FP10SH CPU, computer communications, including modem communication, can be performed without add-on intelligent modules.

Network capability: In addition to easy computer link using C-NET link system, a variety of network functions are available including remote I/O (MEWNET-F and MEWNET-TR) peer to peer network (token ring) spaces. (MEWNET-W and MEWNET-P) and Ethernet compatible network (ET-LAN system). A wide range of Profibus FMS and DP products are available.        



FP10SH – Specifications
Performance specifications
PLC type
Control method Cyclic operation
Inputs / outputs
total: max. 2,048
with remote I/O system: max. 8,192
Programme memory
built in RAM (EPROM and EEPROM optional)
(IC-card optional)
Programme capacity
30,000 steps
(expandable to 60,000 steps and 120,000 steps)
Instructions Basic/High-level
95 /431              
Processing speed
0.04µs/step (basic instruction)
Internal relay (R)
14,192 points
Timer/Counter (T/C)
3,072 points
Data register (DT)
10,240 words (additional 1MByte with IC-card possible)
Filer egister (FL)
32,765 words (additional data register, free selectable)
Master Control Relays (MCR)
256 points
Labels (JMP + LOOP)
Number of step ladder
1,000 steps
Number of subroutines

Interrupt programme

25 programmes (16 external inputs, 8 special units,
 1 periodical interrupt)
Periodical interrupt
10ms to 30s
Other functions
password setting


General specifications
DC type
AC type 

Rated operating voltage

24VDC 100V to 120VAC 200V to 240VAC
Operating voltage range
16.8V to 28.8VDC
85V to 132VAC 
170V to 264VAC
Ambient temperature
0°C to +55°C
Storage temperature
-20°C to +70°C
Input specifications
Input type
+/- switching
Rated input voltage
12V to 24VDC 5VDC
ON voltage range
> 9.6VDC > 3.5VDC
OFF voltage range
< 2.5VDC < 1.5VDC
Output specifications  -  Relay
Output type
Normally open (1 form A)
Rated control capacity
2A 250VAC, 2A 30VDC
Output specifications  -  Transistor
Insulation method
Optical coupler
Output type
Open collector (PNP or NPN transistor)
Rated load voltage
24VDC (12V to 24VDC, 5V to 24VDC available)
Max. load current
0.1A and 0.5A available




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