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Mid-Range Sophistication.
The FP3 Controller Series

Basic CPUs.

The FP3 is the control system that can be set up particularly flexibly and individually for current requirements. Despite this, it is designed to be able to cope with the increasing and rapidly changing applications of the future.

Further special features:

bullet64 input/output modules
bulletNumerous intelligent modules
bulletNetworking via optical fibres, twisted two-wire circuits and coaxial cable
bulletVertical networking capability with FP0, FP1, FP-M or FP10SH systems
bulletSimple programming with hand programmer or PC
bulletCompatible software
bulletPID software tools
- PID programme module max. 30 control loops (PI-D, I-PD)
- PID operating software Simple parameter definition and mimics of control circuits


The capacity of your choice.

The FP3 system offers three high-capacity CPUs, which differ in respect of the additional software options. The system becomes even more flexible and high-capacity with the addition of two memory modules - the AFP32091 and AFP32092 - for additional management of 128kWords and 256kWords respectively.


Setting new capacity limits. The compatible FP10SH CPU.

The FP3 control system can be added to – as a whole – at any time if required. Should the capacity of the FP3 CPU cease to be adequate at some time, it can be replaced very simply with the new FP10SH CPU. Intelligent modules or decentralised networks can simply be adapted for this expansion of capacity.


FP3 – Specifications
Performance specifications
PLC type
AFP3210C, AFP3211C AFP3220C
Control method
Cyclic operation
Inputs / outputs
total: max. 1,536 with remote I/O system: max. 2,048
Programme memory
built in RAM (EPROM and EEPROM optional)
Programme capacity        9,727 steps       15,871 steps
Instructions Basic/High-level
83 / 241 (AFP3210C: 237)
Processing speed 0.5µs/step (basic instruction)
Internal relay (R)
1,568 points
Timer/Counter (T/C)
256 points
Data register (DT) 2,048 words
File register (FL) 0 to 8,192 words (additional data register, free selectable) 8,192 to 22,525 words
Master Control Relays (MCR)
64 points
Labels (JMP + LOOP)
256 labels
Number of step ladder
1,000 steps
Number of subroutines
100 subroutines

Interrupt Programme

25 programmes (16 external inputs, 8 special units,
 1 periodical interrupt)
Periodical interrupt
10ms to 30s
Other functions
password setting


General specifications
  DC type AC type or
Rated operating voltage
100V to 120VAC 

200V to 240VAC

Operating voltage range
16.8V to 28.8VDC
85V to 132VAC
170V to 264VAC
Ambient temperature
0°C to +55°C
Storage temperature
-20°C to +70°C
Input specifications
Input type
+/- switching
Rated input voltage
12V to 24VDC
ON voltage range
> 9.6VDC
> 3.5VDC
OFF voltage range
< 2.5VDC
< 1.5VDC
Output specifications  -  Relay
Output type
Normally open (1 form A)
Rated control capacity
2A 250VAC, 2A 30VDC
Output specifications  -  Transistor
Insulation method
Optical coupler
Output type
Open collector (PNP or NPN transistor)
Rated load voltage 24VDC (12V to 24VDC, 5V to 24VDC available)
Max. load current
0.1A and 0.5A available




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