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 Durante todo el año recibimos muchos mail, pidiéndonos información para realizar trabajos sobre autómatas. Así que ahora es el momento para recordaros que necesitamos de vuestra colaboración enviándonos los que ya habéis presentado.




Programming Software

Control FPWIN Pro is the Matsushita programming software according to the international standard IEC 61131-3 (for Windows 95/98, NT or 2000). Control FPWIN Pro works with any FP series programmable controller. Also, since the tool port is an RS232C, connection to a PC is easy – it only requires a single cable. No converter or adapter is required.
Additionally Matsushita offers NPST-GR ver. 4 software (DOS) or FP-SOFT (NPST-GR software based on Windows).

The most important highlights at a glance:

bulletReuse of ready made functions and function blocks saves time for programming and debugging
bullet4 programming languages (instruction list, ladder diagram, function block diagram, sequential function chart)
bullet2 standard libraries (IEC-standard library, Matsushita library)
bulletFewer errors through defined data types and encapsulation
bulletWell-structured through programme organisation units, task- and projectmanagement
bulletOnline monitoring and diagnostic
bulletModem communication for remote-programming, -service, and -diagnostic
bulletPassword protection with different levels
bulletIEC 61131-3 protects your investments for the future

For an introduction you can download a PowerPoint file (1,6 MB) that will show you the first programming steps. 

Also, basic information about IEC 61131-3 can be downloaded as PowerPoint file (500 KB).






Control FPWIN Pro 3.0
Matsushita has launched the latest generation of the IEC 61131-3 programming software - Control FPWIN Pro. This new version is the result of many years of experience as one of the first PLC suppliers of IEC 61131-3 programming software and as a leading member of the international organisation PLCopen.

For a limited period only, we are offering a free demonstration disk of our latest IEC 61131-3 accredited PLC programming software. 
Just send us an e-mail.




Control FPWIN Pro 3.0 Service Package 2
This upgrade provides new features and improves the functionality of 
Control FPWIN Pro 3.0. The upgrade is not applicable to the demo version.

This service pack includes Service Pack 1 and will repair the errors described below.

  1. System register 27 "Remote I/O slave link error" has been enabled for the PLC types FP0-2.7k and FP0-5.0k.

  2. The instructions F282_SCAL and F283_DSCAL (Linearization of 16/32-bit data) have been implemented for the PLC types FP2, FP2SH and FP10SH.
    Note: If you would like to use these instructions with projects created earlier, you must execute the command Project->Reload All Libraries.

  3. For Ladder Diagram an error was corrected that occurred during code generation under the following condition: An EN/ENO function was used with two or more different relays in a network, e.g. two contacts (A, B) are read from and two coils (A, B) are written to. A code generation error might have occurred if the coils were connected to the Boolean output signal of the EN/ENO function and configured to SET or RESET.

  4. If information is written to the configuration area of the PLC (FP2SH and FP10SH/FP2 with expansion memory card) using FPWIN Pro 3 and then FPWIN GR or vice-versa (Online->Save Project in the PLC), data might be lost in the configuration area. This error was corrected.

  5. Inserting variables into the data monitor has been corrected. 

  6. Faulty monitoring of variables of the data type TIME has been corrected.

  7. Faulty check of the global variable list whether the address of a link relay (L), word relay (WL), or a link register corresponds to the class (VAR_GLOBAL, VAR_GLOBAL_RETAIN) has been corrected.

  8. The error arising from code generation when the results of several MOD or E_MOD instructions were coupled has been corrected.

  9. For the instructions EXPT and E_EXPT, optimized code is generated when constant exponents are used.

  10. Faulty code generation of DWORD operations assigned a constant value in the WORD range beginning from the 3rd input parameter (e.g. DWordVar1 OR DWordVar2 OR 16#0000000F OR DWordVar4) has been corrected.

  11. When using the PLC type FP0, programs assigned to an interrupt
    program task are no longer halted when a change in the program is made in online edit mode.

  12. System register 46, 414, 416 and 444 has been corrected.


NAiS Control FPWIN Pro 3.0 Service Pack 2  (2.3mb)




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