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Remote networking.

Communication interfaces.

Communication – Simple and efficient via two serial interfaces TOOL port and COM port. (RS232C interface)

Programming interface TOOL Port (also for communication).

For programming, and additionally Master/Slave communication, using MEWTOCOL.COM (Matsushita protocol).

In Computer Link mode, the port offers access to the entire FP0 memory area. For example during data exchange between a host PC running SCADA software and an FP0 PLC, the Windows based MEWNET-DDE Server assumes total control of the communications protocol. Therefore the user can disregard the allocation of data ranges and transfer parameters, because there is no additional programming required. The programmer is thus free to concentrate exclusively on the project application requirements. The documented Software protocol MEWTOCOL.COM permits local checking of user programs and individual application requirements.

Communication Interface COM-Port.

Freely programmable RS232C interface for CPU modules type FP0C10CRS, FP0C14CRS, FP0C16C, FP0C32C, FP0T32C (flexible with two modes of operation, Computer Link and General Purpose). In addition to the Computer Link communication possibilities described above, the optional integrated RS232C COM-Port offers free programming capability in General Purpose mode. In this configuration it is possible to realise communication connections with different RS232C peripheral devices - these can be automation components eg Bar Code Readers, slave devices, printers, measurement sensors or telecommunications transmitters etc.



FP Modem-EU – Remote networking via analogue and digital telecom networks

The FP0 and the similarly designed modems and ISDN modules make custom smaller scale remote networking and telemetry solutions affordable. Use them in telecontrol stations, for example (control and regulation, data acquisition and transmission) or in:
bulletfacilities management for all manner of buildings and installations (data acquisition and status monitoring)
bulletwater and wastewater technology (e.g. pumping stations)
bulletoil, gas water and district heating distribution networks (e.g. pressure monitoring, flow rate control)
bulletpower generation and distribution
bullettraffic and environmental technology
bulletmonitoring technology

Wireless data transmission via mobile, trunking and radio relay networks

The communication abilities of the FP0 stretch well beyond simple fixed network applications; with its open design it is also suitable for modern GSM and PCN network solutions. The FP0 has the capacity to notify maintenance services in the event of a problem via pager, SMS or the like. Suitable applications include

bulletmobile data transmission (e.g. for vehicles or ships)
bulletdata transmission in the absence of a fixed network (e.g. environmental survey and pollution measurement stations)






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